Oculus Story Studio

Identity / Production


Sought out to create content central to Oculus Story Studio launch at 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Produced studio launch video, branding and online assets for animated entertainment division of Oculus VR.


  • Collaboration w/ Emotion Studios + Oculus Story Studio team


  1. Popular Science: Oculus Debuts Interactive VR Movie Sundance (2015-01-27)
  2. Engaget: Oculus Story Studio is the Pixar of virtual reality (2015-01-27)
  3. Wired: At Sundance, the VR Filmmaking Revolution Is Officially Underway (2015-01-27)


  1. Oculus Story Studio launch video on Vimeo
  • Produced video to introduce Oculus Story Studio to the world

  • Entrance to Sundance premiere

  • Logo treatment

  • Website example