• Technologist, producer, entrepreneur. Building products, teams, and companies. Currently exploring the future of media at The New York Times.
    Logging what I watch on tv

Big projects:

  • EveryAction + NGP VAN

    Built creative + marketing teams from bottom up. Developed identity and branding for EveryAction + NGP VAN, the largest technology providers to progressive nonprofits and major political organizations.

    • Built Product Marketing Team
    • Set Product Vision
    • Crafted Pitch Decks + Prototypes
    • Directed Product Rollouts + Launch Events
    • Designed Style Guide + Branding
    • Built Company Pattern Library
    • Produced Product Launch Videos
    • Set + Executed Press Strategy
  • Oculus Story Studio

    Sought out by Oculus Story Studio to create content central to their 2015 Sundance Film Festival launch. Produced studio launch video, branding and online assets for animated entertainment division of Oculus VR.

    • Directed Studio Rollouts + Sundance Launch
    • Designed Branding
    • Produced Studio Launch Video
    • Produced Film Trailers
    • Set + Executed Press Strategy
  • Seeds

    Led team that designed and launched the Seeds platform -- a network of minimalist, extendable websites for progressive candidates. The platform standardized page layout, optimizing conversion strategies across all sites.

    • Set Product Vision
    • Built Engineering Team
    • Built Backbone.js Frontend
    • Set + Executed Press Strategy
    • Directed Launch Livestream
    • Got Product Acquired by NGP VAN
  • NationalField

    Founded + built a successful business based on software solution created to solve data aggregation and transparency issues inside the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. Utilized by national and regional campaigns and organizations throughout the U.S. (U.K. and Canada).

    NationalField grew to 22 employees and was sold in 2013.

    • Founded Company
    • Set Product Vision
    • Business Development + Sales
    • Built and Oversaw Product + Engineering Team
    • Directed Product Rollouts + Launch Events
    • Contributing PHP + Node.js Developer
  • Aharon.tv

    Aharon.tv is an intentionally unembellished online television diary I built and maintain, rating every episode of every TV show I watch based on a binary, non-scientific ratings scale.

    • Built Technology, Node.js
    • Created D3.js visualizations
    • Watched TV
    • Wrote Reviews